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"We deliver top quality classic & special interest cars, to collectors around the world."

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Special Orders


We assist our buyers with:

· Locating specific classic and exotic vehicles
· Comprehensive pre-purchase inspections
· Repair and/or restoration
· Transportation within the USA
· Real time tracking of your vehicle while in transit
· Vehicle registration options

For international buyers:

· US Customs clearance
· Secure, safe and sound packing of your vehicle
· Ocean Freight, insurance, and import approval (when required)
· Conversion and homologation for international buyers

If you’re looking for a classic car or truck with specific colors and options, please take a minute to complete the form below. We take special orders and deliver cars to customers around the world. Give us an idea of what you’re looking for and we will get back to you quickly. Thanks!




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I'm familiar with these cars/prices & ready to buy the right car.        Please contact me about the FREE HISTORICAL PRICE ANALYSIS of       my specific model to show how its value has fallen or risen over the       past four quarters.

Which year model and brand(s) are you interested in?







Enter the top four colors you will consider in the space provided below.

Which engines and transmissions do you want?


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Do you need power steering?

I need power steering and won't accept a car without it.
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Either one is ok.

What options do you desire? Please indicate which are "must have" and which are negotiable.

What kind of car condition will you accept?

Excellent - A show car, concourse condition. The vehicle has been     professionally restored to the current highest standard, but a few     exceptionally well cared for originals may qualify. All components are     original or are exact replacements. Most "Excellent" cars are not     driven more than a few miles per year, if at all. These are vehicles,     usually due to an interesting history or special circumstance, which     will sell for more than an "excellent" figure. These are extremely rare     and would require extensive documentation.

Very Good - Most casual observers would describe the vehicle as
    excellent. "Very Good" cars show very little wear and are driven
    sparingly. Many are used as weekend drivers during summer
    months, for shows only. Many older "frame-off" restorations fall
    into this category.

Good - Sharp and clean.  A "Good" car shows some wear (minor
     cosmetic flaws) but is sound mechanically. Everything works, but
     there will be some items that need attention. This is a daily driver
     that has been well maintained.

Fair - Looks ok from twenty feet away, but needs restoration.  May      appear to be a good deal because of the price, but may have rust      problems, mechanical problems or be in need of paint and/or interior      restoration. The headliner shows staining, the upholstery is worn,      the carpet needs replacing, etc. There are a lot of older Mustangs      on the road that are "rust buckets" and fall below the "Fair" value.       (Sorry, but we don't deal in these cars)

Enter the price range you are willing to consider in the space provided below.

Please Note:  We do not locate cars with a fair market value of less than

For more information on collector car pricing click here to visit the National Automobile Dealers Association (NADA) web site.  Another reputable source is the Cars of Particular Interest (CPI) guide. Click here to visit their site.

Overseas and international clients only:  We can quote shipping costs and port charges, but not customs duties and tariffs. Please check with your local customs office and port of entry for import requirements:

No, I have not yet determined import requirements
Yes, I have the necessary information.

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