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Importation of Kit Cars 15 or More Years Old

In 1996, Carroll Shelby began production on the CSX4000 “Continuation Series” Shelby Cobra. Effective this year, those Cobras first registered in 1996 become legal to import into Canada from the US, and vice versa.

This is true of Shelby Cobras, and of the myriad US and Canadian built kit cars whose owners are celebrating the 15th anniversary of their initial licensing and registration. There is an expanding market on both sides of the border for these cars.

Under the standardized rules of the US/Canada NAFTA agreement, cars registered more than 15 year ago are exempt from the myriad rules, regulations, and features required on cars that are less than 15 years old. This rule also applies to kit cars, which means that kit cars that have been registered more than 15 years ago can be sold to buyers across the US/Canada Border.

Dark Blue Shelby CobraUnlike “production” cars, kit cars are a unique commodity, and require special consideration when exporting one to another country. There are a number of details that need to be addressed to ensure a smooth importation.

We work closely with a Canadian company that has extensive experience importing and exporting kit cars from the US into Canada. With representation on both sides of the border, we are equipped to handle all of the paperwork, details, and logistics involved to ensure your new pride and joy is efficiently and legally imported into Canada. Services include arranging for transportation, insuring your vehicle while in transit, transacting with Canada Customs, Freight Brokers, Customs Brokers, and The federal DOT. All that is left for you to do is to complete the out-of-province inspection required once you take delivery of it, and complete the registration process.

If you need assistance with maintenance or modification of your kit car to comply with US or Canadian homologation requirements, we have a number of resources in both the US and Canada who can do that for you.

For more information on this service please call toll free to 888-SHELBYGT (888-743-5294) ext 1 or fill out our contact page.

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