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1963 Ferrari 250 GTO

Listing No.: 50489
Model: 1962 Ferrari 250 GTO - Series 1
Price: Call For Price!

If you're among the financial elite, and like other high-net-worth individuals, are moving a portion of your portfolio to hard assets as a hedge against inflation, please consider this opportunity. The 1962 Ferrari Series 1, 250 GTO is arguably the world’s most important car and a timeless masterpiece. It’s the Holy Grail of automobiles, sought after by the world’s wealthiest investors, with a pedigree unmatched in the annals of automotive history. With 36 Ferrari 250 GTO’s in existence, only a fortunate few can lay claim to ownership. To call that club, “exclusive”, is an understatement by any measure. Recent sales of these cars range in price from $60 to $80 million USD. Renowned Ferrari expert, Marcel Massini, estimates one will sell for $100 million within the next 5 years. With the extraordinary demand these cars enjoy, it’s rare to find an owner willing to part with such a historic piece of automotive art. Our decades of experience developing and maintaining relationships in the world of blue chip collector cars allows us to stay on top the market. Ferrari 250 GTO’s are owned by captains of industry, royalty, and a handful of other billionaires around the globe. It’s a small ownership club with a barrier to entry, and appreciation potential unlike any other. If you’ve ever considered investing in one and begun due diligence, you know the pitfalls associated with the process. Buyer’s mandates, seller’s mandates, non-disclosure agreements, letters-of-intent, proof-of-funds, contract negotiations, commission agreements, escrow accounts, pre-purchase inspections, documentation of provenance, Ferrari Classiche (“Red Book”) certification, etc. are all part of the process. Without an intimate knowledge of the procedures required, efforts to attain one typically result in a frustrating, unproductive waste of time. Our private treaty sales process insures a successful purchase outcome. Our legal counsel insures all parties to the transaction are fully protected and maintain anonymity. Only those who are included in the transaction with a need to know have access to confidential information. Binding non-disclosure agreements protect the identities of the parties, the chassis number of the car being sold, and terms and conditions of the sale. In short, we make sure the work is complete, due diligence is done, the car is fully vetted, the serial number of the car protected, the transaction is consummated discretely, and both buyer and seller remain anonymous. We have relationships with owners and curators of fine collections which include both Series 1 and Series 2 GTO's. We are happy to provide a full dossier on the cars available, once terms and conditions are met. Call or email with questions about GTO ownership, and the process of acquiring one. Please reach out to me personally via email, [email protected], or call me at (702) 785-0090.

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