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1963 Corvette 327ci Split-Window

Listing No.: 50534
Model: 1963 Chevrolet Corvette
Price: SOLD!

The iconic 1963 Corvette Split-Window coupe is a timeless American classic. Produced one-year-only, this legendary Vette boasts a sleek and aerodynamic design that will turn heads wherever it goes. The 1963 Corvette was the first year for a coupe. The chassis was an upgrade from previous models, featuring a stronger more rigid frame, four wheel independent suspension with a single rear leaf spring, self-adjusting brakes, and rear biased weight distribution. The net result is quicker, more nimble handling, making it a pleasure to drive. With 36,000 original miles on the odometer, its distinctive split rear window makes this '63 Corvette a true collector's dream, exuding vintage charm and unparalleled style. Painted the original Ermine White with red interior, it was restored a number of years ago and has been well maintained since. The optional knock off wheels are a rare find. The current owner lowered the driver seat one inch to accommodate a taller driver. While unnoticeable to the casual observer, it makes this car a pleasure to drive for anyone (short or tall) who is familiar with three pedals. The steering wheel was replaced with an aftermarket Corvette steering wheel of smaller diameter, also to provide more room for the driver. The original powertrain showcases the delicious sound and performance of an old school, RPO L76 optioned, 340 HP, 327 C. I. V8. Except for carburetion, this is the same engine as the 360 HP, L84 fuel injected engine. It has large port cylinder heads, domed aluminum pistons, high-speed valve train with specifically finished exhaust valves, mechanical valve lifters, and ribbed aluminum rocker covers. The engine is mated with the original 4 speed Muncie transmission. Early in this vintage Corvette's life, the engine block was replaced with a correct, “CR” (Counter Replacement) block. The original engine components were retained and installed in and on the new block (cylinder heads, timing cover, intake manifold, etc.) Reciprocating mass components (crankshaft, rods, pistons, etc.) were replaced as necessary. While the original factory AC system has been removed, an aftermarket air conditioning system, designed with a low resistance R134a Sanden compressor especially for the 1963 Corvette was installed, making summer driving a pleasant experience. The original inoperative AM radio is in the car. Even, the clock works perfectly! This classic Corvette needs nothing; it’s ready for show and go. Whether you're cruising the open road or showcasing it at a prestigious car show, this Corvette commands attention and admiration at every turn. It’s located in the Dallas/Fort Worth Texas area and available for inspection, by appointment.

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